The Newsletter of Hunarshala: Tribal Youth Leadership Academy, Rajasthan

The beauty and natural openness of Pagara village as captured by the media team.


The Makerspace enthusiasts of Pagara- Narendra, Naresh, Bharat, Vishal, Avinash, Mayank and Kuldeep got together for a special mission this month — to use their experience of working with tyres in previous months, and shaping it into a serious entrepreneurial venture.

First step- Product Design. The team realises that to take a product to the market, it needs serious effort and finesse. And so they start looking for design inspiration online, visit market for raw materials- put their heads, heart and hands together, and start working. …

Must watch films for Jains in the 21st century.

More than 2500 years old, Jainism is still one of the most powerful philosophical-spiritual worldviews in the world. It is an in-depth inquiry into the roots of violence as it opens up deep questions such as anekantvad, asteya, aparigraha. These conceptual frameworks challenge mainstream understandings around monoculture, ownership, power, wealth, etc. They are critical to opening up our imaginations and re-imagining our global exploitative and dysfunctional systems.

What makes Jainism particularly appealing is that it is not just an abstract set of principles. …


“Unlearning is one of the most important processes we have to invoke and support in education if we are to find ways out of the global mess we have created. Unlearning opens an alchemical portal to reclaiming swaraj and shape-shifting into our expansive, inter-connected Self.

We invite all educators around the world to bring unlearning into their pedagogical vision:

- Unlearn TINA, limitless GNP and monoculture mindsets as well as the myth of technological progress and technological utopianism;

- Unlearn the fear of money, idea of life as a commodity and dependency on the…

“Unschooling in a Government School”

In March Flowers bloom and so does hope.

With march begins the festival of colors. It is the dawn when everything wakes up from the cold-lazy night, stretching its limbs, getting ready for the new beginning. Nature prepares itself for the hot-productive months of the year. It is the time when warm sunbeams fill us with energy and enthusiasm. It’s a head start for us at Creativity Adda to gear up for the challenges this unpredictable time has to offer. The scent of hope is filled in the spring air.

Community Media Academy

Through the Unschoolers Ecovillage we transform…

Education monotony into learning with intrinsic motivation, joy and creativity

Loneliness into belonging and meaning

Economic slavery, inequality and consumerism into a new sharing economy

Climate crisis and violence into sustainable ecological design

Confusion and frustration into deeper alignment of values and action

by Manish Jain, Complexity University and Ecoversities Alliance

There is a famous saying, “No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them.” I see this book by Marina Pechlivanis from Brazil as an important kick-start towards individual and collective liberation from the polarising and paralysing mindsets that shackle us today. It is a disruptive and generative guide to unlearning. It is a powerful invitation to expand our sense of self (beyond the ‘selfie’ culture) and to reconnect to the richness and beauty of the world.

Many billions of people have recently had their first, conscious…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Our Mast Malang Band getting ready to perform online at the Brazil Art, Food & Music Festival.

Top Headlines of the month

· Entrepreneurial approach for projects

· Exposure to the Real world — through Markets, Video shoots, International Music fest, Customer interaction

· Creative collaborations between hubs

· Self-design learning by taking initiatives in learning, integrating new diverse skills

Community Media Lab

With a more entrepreneurial approach for this month at the Adda, Media Hub had a lot of projects. They took up 3 weddings projects involving paid Photography and Shoot work. All of them were largely self-led. They divided themselves in smaller teams based on their…

By Shuchita Prakriti

The Vimukt Shiksha Yatra was a 7-day learning journey focused upon exploring, questioning and expanding perceptions related to education. We ventured into organizations started by individuals with a spark to create a better world. The intention of this journey was to weave together a tapestry of questions, answers, actions, and realizations, to make a shift from the mainstream education system that appears to favor convention, machines, and conformity. …


Our Motto: “Everyone is a leader. Everyone is a dreamer. Everyone is a creator. Everyone is a learner.”

Rahul, Kalpesh, Mayank, Avinash, Kuldeep, Vipin and Kishore made a fresh new sign board for our Hunarshala out of wood plank inviting people to know about our Hunarshala.

Music, Art and Dance Academy

New murals are being added by young artists Kalpesh and Pravin in the ‘World Tribal Art Gallery’. This is a place which has many different tribal art form from all the remote places of India and the world. The inspiration is to celebrate these arts through a common wall spaces which we all share — from Gond to Warli to Aborigines in Australia to African tribes to Brazilian tribes. Pravin had…

Manish Jain

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